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Cucumber Sushi Boats Recipe

When it comes to our new favourite sausage meat recipes, these Cucumber Sushi Boats have to take the top spot. This pork sushi recipe is a great homemade sushi recipe alternative and can be done with our pork mince or with our British bacon for a bacon sushi recipe. We love using our Caramelised Porkers for sausage mince recipes like this because our British caramelised onion sausages bring a delicious sweetness and savouriness. For more pork mince recipes, check out the rest of our website!



  • To make this cucumber sushi boats with sausage meat recipe, start by cooking your rice.
  • You can make this a sausage mince recipe or a crispy bacon bits recipe, but we did both!
  • For the bacon sushi recipe, we cooked up our Double Smoked British Streaky Bacon under the grill and then crushed it with a masher until it was in super crispy bacon bits.
  • For the pork mince recipe, squeeze the sausage meat out of our sausages and pan fry them until super crispy (or you can do them under the grill), using a spatula to beak it into pork mince.
  • For the cucumber sushi boat element, cut cucumbers in half and then cut them again and then use a spoon to hollow out the insides of them.
  • Stuff the homemade sushi with rice, your bacon and sausage toppings, the spicy mayo, crispy onions and your pickles of choice! 

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