Once upon a time, there were three brothers...
A rugby player, a ship-broker and a cabinet-maker.
After a heated debate about the perfect pork sausages, the brothers decided to settle the argument by creating their own porky delights.
And, one day, these would become the best and most delicious in the whole LAND.

But it’s more than that…

We make sausages and bacon because we love them.

We’re an independent, family run business from Bristol, UK. And, because we are independent we can do things the way we want to. It’s easy to be ‘average’, but we’re passionate about what we do and, because we care, we strive to do better.

Our ethos is, and has always been, all about quality. The quality of our products, of our ingredients, and of our standards. We only use the prime cuts of British, Outdoor Bred pork and demand a high level of animal welfare, only sourcing our pork from RSPCA Assured accredited farms.

It has been our mission to provide honest and tasty food, using high quality ingredients that you can really enjoy. Our bacon and sausages have 5 Great Taste 2019 stars, and 7 Great Taste 2017 stars between them; our sausages achieved Gold and Silver in the 2017 Sausage Week awards and all of our products can be found in Sainsbury’s and Ocado. Last year, we celebrated our 10th birthday. And what a Jolly 10 years it’s been too!