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Jolly Hen Chicken Sausages

We decided it was time to give the humble chicken sausage the Jolly treatment, and make a chicken sausage we could really sink our teeth into. Using classic flavours of rosemary and thyme, with hints of lemon, we’ve taken the nation’s favourite roast dinner, and turned it into a scrumptious and juicy chicken sausage – that the whole brood can enjoy.⁠ ⁠ After a lot of panel tasting – any excuse for food after all – we created a chicken sausage to be proud of.

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Wholegrain Mustard Pasta with Peas

When you can’t be bothered to spend ages making dinner, this mustard pasta dish will become your go to recipe. The wholegrain mustard in the pasta instantly gives the dish a delicious taste, plus our treacle bacon adds a delicious sweetness. With this 15 minute meal, you’ll please the whole family, sneak in some greens and enjoy a tasty family meal!

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our story

Once upon a time, there
were three brothers…

A rugby player, a ship-broker and a
cabinet-maker. After a heated debate
about the perfect pork sausages, the
brothers decided to settle the argument
by creating their own porky delights.

And, one day, these would
become the best and most
delicious in the whole land.

But it’s more than that…

On the back