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Proper Sausage Rolls

We are beyond excited to be launching our Proper Sausage Rolls! For a long time now – over 10 years – we’ve been perfecting this porky pastry treat and we’re finally ready to release it to the world, knowing that it is an extraordinary sausage roll.

We’ve used our Great Taste Award Winning, British Outdoor Bred and RSPCA assured sausage meat and wrapped it in handcrafted all butter puff pastry. Because we like giving everything a jolly touch, we’ve topped our sausage rolls with a shortcrust pastry snout and ears – had to be done! These artisan sausage rolls are baked by eye, for crisp, buttery golden layers and the meat has that same glorious sage and peppery seasoning as our signature sausages. . 

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Cheesy Taquitos with our Black Treacle Ham

Taquitos are such a fun meal to make, they’re so simple and quick to make and always feel like a bit of a treat. They’re basically the trendier and tastier sibling of the humble taco. More importantly, they’re hands down the easiest meal around. Mucnch down on crunchy tortilla, creamy cheese, tangy pickled onions, our smokey and sweet Black Treacle Ham an a spicy pineapple salsa all in one bite. These are perfect for the whole family, for after school dinners or lunch boxes!

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our story

Once upon a time, there
were three brothers…

A rugby player, a ship-broker and a
cabinet-maker. After a heated debate
about the perfect pork sausages, the
brothers decided to settle the argument
by creating their own porky delights.

And, one day, these would
become the best and most
delicious in the whole land.

But it’s more than that…

On the back