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Black Treacle Bacon

We decided to make our Black Treacle Bacon even better this year. We’ve added an extra slice of bacon – to finally settle all those arguments about who gets the last rasher – plus we’ve made the bacon even thicker this time. We’re talking extra thick! For when you’re craving something salty and sweet, our Double Smoked Black Treacle Cured Back Bacon is the only thing that hits the spot. The unique taste of this bacon is down to the beautifully bittersweet taste of black treacle, which the bacon slices bathe in for a few days. Dry cured with coarse sea salt by hand and double smoked, this bacon will blow your mind. Don’t believe us? Check out the awards its won. 

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Marmite and Mustard Gnocchi Mac & Cheese with Black Treacle Bacon

This is potentially our yummiest recipe yet. We’ve always loved adding mustard to our mac and cheese, but we’ve stepped it up a notch by adding marmite in there too. The saltiness of the marmite goes great with our smoky bacon, and switching the normal macaroni used in mac and cheese for the gnocchi makes the comfort food classic crispier than usual. You could try this with any of our other porky products – with our pulled pork and sausages also tasting banging in mac and cheese.

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Once upon a time, there
were three brothers…

A rugby player, a ship-broker and a
cabinet-maker. After a heated debate
about the perfect pork sausages, the
brothers decided to settle the argument
by creating their own porky delights.

And, one day, these would
become the best and most
delicious in the whole land.

But it’s more than that…

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