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We make sausages and bacon because we love them.
We’re an independent, family run business from Bristol, UK.
And, because we are independent we can do things the way we
want to.

It’s easy to be ‘average’, but we’re passionate about what
we do and, because we care, we strive to do better

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Bacon Burger

Spicy jalapeno bacon ipsum dolor amet laborum ullamco short loin, pork biltong consectetur officia consequat proident in salami bacon pancetta.

Flank shank et boudin excepteur laborum pork belly. Pork loin meatloaf porchetta venison meatball aliqua minim nisi. Culpa burgdoggen enim consectetur, alcatra pork chop in meatball strip steak qui chicken prosciutto kielbasa picanha.

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our story

Once upon a time, there
were three brothers…

A rugby player, a ship-broker and a
cabinet-maker. After a heated debate
about the perfect pork sausages, the
brothers decided to settle the argument
by creating their own porky delights.

And, one day, these would
become the best and most
delicious in the whole land.

But it’s more than that…

On the back