Check out our 2022-2023 Impact Report here   After becoming a B Corp in 2022, we made our first ever public Impact Report last year. We’re proud to share our second report with you all, covering everything we’ve been up to in our financial year ending in September 2023.   Our Impact Report gives us a chance to look back, and share with everyone, all the work we’ve been doing to be a better business, all in one place. We’re proud to be part of the B Corp community, and to be a business who shares their Impact Report, allowing us to be transparent about the steps we’ve already taken, and the further steps we’re pledging ourselves to take, to keep constantly learning how to do things better for everyone. We hope you enjoy it!  

As a family business based in Bristol, it’s always been deeply ingrained us to be doing the right thing by our team, our consumers, and our planet. B Corp is an amazing way to both show customers that we are doing exactly that, and to also keep us on the right path to constantly assessing and improving our impact on all of them. This doesn’t mean we’re perfect, or we’re better than anyone else – we know we still have a long way to go – but it simply means we’re genuinely trying to be better as a company for everyone involved, pledging to put purpose before profit.