“We believe that high quality meat doesn’t just refer to the ingredients and to the taste, but to the animal welfare. Since we began handmaking sausages in our family kitchen, we felt it’s important to use higher standards in animal welfare for our pork. We’re happier knowing that all of our pork for our sausages, bacon and snacking, comes from RSPCA Assured and Outdoor Bred Farms, ensuring the animals are well cared for. Our RSPCA Assured bacon and sausages also come from only British, Outdoor Bred pork.”

Treating Sows with Respect

“On RSPCA Assured farms, the use of farrowing crates is strictly prohibited. Farrowing crates prevent pregnant sows from being able to turn around ad often inhibit from building nests. Around 58 per cent of sows in the UK give birth in farrowing crates. This is a major concern for the RSPCA and something which will never be permitted on RSPCA Assured farms where our RSPCA Assured sausages and bacon comes from.”

Why did the three brothers commit to using RSPCA products?

“The RSPCA Assured label offers assurance for us as a brand that we can trust where our meat comes from. It assures the skill and ability of the farmers, as well as the quality and respect for the animals that we expect. It has always been important for us to understand, and have full transparency of where our food comes from.”

Your choices make a difference

“By choosing RSPCA assured products when you’re out shopping or when you’re going out for dinner, you help farm animals to have a better life. And by selecting The Jolly Hog sausages a bacon, you can be sure not just of getting great tasting products, but also ensuring that the pigs received higher welfare standards”.