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Treacle Bacon Pesto Pasta

This bacon pesto pasta recipe is super easy and tasty and the perfect smoked bacon pasta recipe when you’re in a rush or fancying a fuss free dinner. This streaky bacon pasta is made extra special with our Black Treacle British Bacon that provides a lovely smokey and sweet flavour for this bacon macaroni pasta recipe, cutting through the herby and nutty pesto. If you need a super quick pasta recipe, taking only 15 minutes to make, give this a go!


3 cloves garlic
3 tbsp pesto
The Jolly Hog Black Treacle British Bacon
Salt & pepper
Parmesan (or your cheese or choice)
Panko breadcrumb (optional)
Chilli oil (optional)


– To make this bacon pasta recipe, put your pasta on to boil with salted water.
– Pan fry our Black Treacle British bacon with some olive oil for a few mins until it looks cooked but not crispy. Mince the garlic whilst it’s cooking then chuck in at this stage.
– Boil your peas.
– Put the panko breadcrumb under the grill with olive oil until golden.
– Drain your pasta, reserving one cup of pasta water. Chuck your pasta into the frying pan with the garlic & bacon.
– Spoon in the pesto & add the pasta water and the peas.
– Stir the sauce through the pesto pasta then add salt & pepper to taste.
– Remove from the heat & top with the panko, parmesan & a drizzle of chilli oil!

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