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Taquitos are such a fun meal to make, they’re so simple and quick to make and always feel like a treat. When people ask us for ham recipes, we always offer up this taquito tortilla wrap recipe because these mini cheesy wraps go down a right treat with the whole family. You can swap out the fillings to anything you or your kids like, but we like using our British Black Treacle Ham with cheese, quick pickled onions, coriander, and serving it up with a homemade pineapple salsa (for all those ham and pineapple lovers out there!) Add a chimichurri sauce for a more tangy option, or even add a sriracha to this tortilla wrap recipe if you’re a real spice lover!


– 2 packs of our British Outdoor Bred Black Treacle Ham
– A pack of soft mini tortillas
– Grated cheese (we used grated cheddar and grated mozzarella)
– Spring Onions
– Coriander
– Red onions
– Cider vinegar or red wine vinegar
– Salt
– Pineapple (optional)
– Chilli (optional)
– Avocado (optional)


– For one of the easiest ham recipes out there, start by quick pickling your red onions. You can make this even easier by skipping this method but we like to pickle them ourselves. To do this, chop your red onions into thin slices.
– Add the onion to a small bowl or mug with the vinegar, a pinch of salt & a pinch of sugar. Leave the onions to pickle.
– Next, lay out your mini tortillas. We’ve used flour tortillas for this tortilla wrap recipe but you could use corn tortillas or gluten free wraps.
– Tear up 2 packs of our Black Treacle British Ham.
– In the middle of each tortilla wrap taquito, fill it with the torn ham and both grated cheeses. Create a sausage shape in the middle of the wrap with the fillings.
– Repeat with every tortilla wrap.
– Heat your oven to 180.
– Roll up every tortilla wrap very tightly, and then lay them on an oven tray, side by side next to each other.
– At this point, we then sprinkled them with more of the two grated cheeses for an extra cheesy meal.
– Add them to the oven for 15 mins, checking back on them near the end to make sure they don’t burn. The taquitos should go nice and crispy and browned and the cheese should be melted, ready for some epic cheese pulls!
– Top your ham and cheese taquitos with your pickled onions, chopped coriander & chopped spring onions. You can even top it with chilli sauce or smashed avo. We paired ours with a pineapple salsa, made simply by chopping up pineapple and mixing it with finely chopped chilli.

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