The Pigsty Winter menu

Our latest new menu at our restaurant, Pigsty, is potentially our favourite menu yet ??. Starting with the humble hot dog 6 years ago, we’ve slowly used our restaurant to explore what other innovative flavour combinations, and forms, that we can create, and use to feed into our NPD. We now serve up everything from our Beef, Steak & Bone Marrow Burgers on the menu, to our Pigs in Blankets, Apple Porkers and Slow Cooked Pulled Pork. It’s a great source of inspiration for us to show customers new meal opportunities they can use, and enjoy, our products in. With our gooey Scotch Eggs having started on the Pigsty menu, and now made their way into stores, we’re always on the look out for what new food product we’ll take from restaurant to retail. Obviously new menu shoot days are always a favourite day in the Jolly Hog offices. Can you blame us? ? Find out more about the restaurant here!

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