The Jolly Festival Fever

We’ve finally recovered enough to share some photos from Glastonbury. 7 days there, a crew over a dozen strong, approximately 8 thousand hog roasts, hot dogs and fries served up. What a week.⁠ ?⛺?⁠ A massive thanks to all the people who swung by and tried our food. Chuffed as always to get loads of great feedback on our products in action and meet some lovely customers face to face. Highlights included having Goldie as our first ever drive through customer, showcasing our new British BBQ stand for the first time & getting the Kamado Joe UK Limited out to save many people’s hangovers with BBQ breakfasts, surviving a heatwave, seeing Jamie T perform and listening to Olly tell everyone he saw ‘Jimmy T’ perform afterwards, consuming a lot of hog roasts, the man who came to our stand for all 3 meals every single day and watching TLC whilst serving up hot dogs.⁠

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