Team trip to Devon

Camping, touring a cider farm, having a BBQ, just your average day at The Jolly Hog! ⛺ Last week we got our tents out the loft and BBQ tools out the shed and headed down to Devon. The whole team came for the trip – driven in a mini bus by Warren Davis, who managed to both get us there in one piece and to provide the great tunes. We pitched up our tents on the grounds at Hunt’s Cider before having a tour of their farm & learning about the history of the ground and of their business (and of course, sampling lots of their cider). The night ended with an epic BBQ, some questionable rounders games, some even more questionable games of Musical Chairs, a few tequilas and a chill out by the campfire. If you’re in the Devon area, check out Hunts cider for a tour of their farm & a beautiful place to camp!

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