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Smash taco recipes – BBQ food ideas

We saw this viral food trend online and we knew we had to do our take on the smash taco recipes. A cross between a smash burger and crispy tacos, this might be our new favourite BBQ recipes and simple BBQ food ideas. We gave it that jolly great tasting touch by making one version with our Jolly Cow British Burgers, with grated cheese and jalapeños, and one version with our Proper Porkers British sausages with chorizo added in.⁠ Try these for a great beef tacos recipe or pork tacos recipe and if you’re on the hunt for more BBQ recipes and BBQ food ideas to try out this Summer. This is such an easy taco recipe, packed with flavour! Mix it up with different toppings and sauces for plenty of BBQ menu ideas.


– The Jolly Hog Proper Porker British Sausages⁠
The Jolly Cow Beef British Burgers⁠
– Grated Cheese⁠
– Mini Tortillas⁠
– Jalapeños (optional)⁠
– Taco seasoning⁠
– Chorizo (optional)⁠


– To start this smash tacos recipe, lay a mini tortilla on a surface.
– If you want to make this a pork tacos recipe as well as a beef tacos recipe, take our Proper Porker British sausages and squeeze the meat out of them into a bowl.⁠
– Chop chorizo and combine it with the sausage meat.⁠
– Scoop up a portion of the sausage meat – enough to make a large circle but not fill the wrap to the edge – and use either a saucepan, or another flat heavy object, to smash the meat down directly onto the tortilla.⁠ Add taco seasoning at this point if you want a traditional taco taste!⁠
– For the beef tacos, start by putting grated cheese and jalapeños in a circle, with a border free around them. Next, take one of our Jolly Cow burger patties and repeat the process of smashing the meat down in the centre of a new tortilla.⁠
– ⁠If you’re cooking these on a BBQ, put them face down first and then flip after a couple mins, once the meat is cooked through and the tacos have gone crispy. Use a spatula to try to make sure when you flip it that the meat doesn’t stick to the grill. These are a great new recipe to try when you want new BBQ food ideas or easy BBQ recipes. If you’re cooking them in a frying pan, you can always add cheese to the pan first and then put the taco face down when it starts to bubble, before flipping again to cook until the tortilla is crispy.⁠
– Serve with charred corn salad, pink pickled onions, chimichurri & shredded lettuce!⁠

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