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This sausage traybake sounds and looks deceptively fancy but it’s actually an incredibly easy recipe to make! The breadcrumbs & walnuts on top give the dish a nice crunch and the richness of the red wine and beetroot go perfectly with our meaty, great tasting sausages. Just try not to drink all the wine during cooking! 😉 We served our sausage traybake up with roasted beetroot, fries & steamed kale but you can switch it up and serve it with mashed potato instead for a fancy Bangers & Mash! Try our ultimate mash potato recipe.


• 1 pack of Jolly Hog Proper Porkers (this would also work great with our caramelised onion porkers!)
• 6 x Cooked Beetroot
• Red wine (about half a bottle)
• 2 x Red onions
• Olive oil
• Walnuts
• Salt & Pepper for seasoning.
• Parsley
• Breadcrumbs (we made this dish by gluten free by using gluten free bread and ripping it apart ourselves by hand for a chunkier breadcrumb)
• 60g Dried cherries (you can swap this for cranberries!)


1. Start by chopping beetroot chunks in half, wrap each one individually with foil & cook for 40 mins. At the very end add a pinch of salt & pepper.
2. Next chop a large red onion into thick chunks.
3. Heat the oven to 200 degrees & add an oven tray with oil in, to heat for 5 mins.
4. Chuck the onions into the tray after the oil has heated up & then lay the whole pack of sausages on top, evenly spread out.
5. Add a decent glug of cooking red wine (We used about 1/3 of a bottle. Oops.) To make this recipe more child friendly you can swap our the red wine for balsamic vinegar, or separate the tray at this point into two trays, leaving the kids with a non-alcoholic version!
6. Whilst roasting, chop & crush walnuts (we do this by laying a flat knife on the walnuts and then applying pressure to crush). Mix in a bowl with your chopped parsley.
7. Tear up 2 slices of bread & stir into the walnut and parsley mixture.
8. After 20 mins of roasting, add 3/4 of the bread mixture to the oven tray on top of the sausages, and scatter half a pack of dried cranberries on top too.
9. Roast for another 20 mins then remove with the roasted beetroot. Scatter the remaining breadcrumb mixture on top.

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