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Sausage Bites Burnt Ends – UK BBQ Recipes

We’ve seen these sausage bites trending in UK BBQ recipes. Burnt ends are a classic BBQ food, normally made with beef, but you can make your own super easy and tasty version with sausages. The spiced rum, honey and grapefruit juice in this combine for a sweet sticky sauce with a bit of a kick, making it the perfect Summery snack. For some easy BBQ food ideas, give these crispy and caramelised BBQ sausage bites a go. This is a great BBQ side dish or BBQ food ideas for a crowd. Try this as your latest BBQ hack!


– 1 x pack of The Jolly Hog Caramelised Porkers British Sausages
– 3 x tbsps of Dead Mans Fingers Spiced Rum
– Sesame seeds
– Grapefruit juice (you can use Ting, Lilt or San Pellegrino. Swap for ginger beer, lemonade or even pineapple juice if you’d rather)
– Honey


– To make these ‘burnt ends’ style BBQ sausages bites, start by chopping our British caramelised onion sausages into thirds. You can make them into more chunks if you want smaller bites. Do whatever you fancy when you’re experimenting with these UK BBQ recipes.
– Once you’ve cut your sausages, make your sticky sauce for your sticky sausages. Pour a few tbsps of the spiced rum into a bowl then add a few tbsps of your grapefruit juice (or other juice of choice). Get creative. You could even add grated ginger at this point for a spicy kick.
– Add a tbsp of honey for a sweetness to the sausages then combine.
– Put a skillet pan on your hot BBQ. You can use any pan that is BBQ safe, or even use a foil tray if you need something to dispose of after or are camping.
– Add olive oil to the pan and then your sausage bites.
– After a couple of minutes, your sausages will be cooked. Make sure to keep stirring these as they’ll burn easily if not.
– Pour in your sticky grapefruit and rum glaze and watch those sausage bites sizzle!
– Once the sauce is hot and you can see the sausages have caramelised, remove them from the heat and sprinkle with sesame seeds before tucking in. Serve with a lovely rum based cocktail!

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