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Sausage tacos – BBQ recipes

These sausage tacos are the ultimate Summer dinner. We love trying new BBQ recipes (even in the UK weather) for mid-week meals when the sun is out and cooking the components on the BBQ just takes it to the next level. If you’re looking for recipes with sausage meat, this is also a great recipe to try. The crumbled sausage caramelises in the lime and spiced rum glaze and makes the perfect crispy meat for these BBQ sausage tacos when combined with the spicy burnt chilli and BBQ hispi cabbage.


– 1 x packs of The Jolly Hog Caramelised Porkers British Sausages
– 2 tbsp x Dead Mans Fingers Spiced Rum
– Hispi cabbage (sweetheart cabbage)
– 1 small red chilli
– Jalapeños (optional)
– Red onion
– Red wine vinegar (or cider vinegar)
– Pinch of Sea Salt
– Pinch of Sugar
– Mini tortilla wraps
– Lime


– You can make these BBQ sausage tacos two ways. Firstly, if you’re looking for recipes with sausage meat you can do this by squeezing the meat out of the sausages. Squeeze them and the skins will burst and the meat will come out into your bowl. Discard the skins. If you don’t have a skillet pan or foil tray to use, and looking for more simple BBQ ideas, you can also make these tacos simply by BBQing the sausages whole as usual and slicing them in the tacos.
– Slice the red onion as thin as possible and add to a bowl. Cover in red wine vinegar and add a sprinkle of sugar and of salt. Leave that too quick pickle.
– Get your BBQ fired up and start by chopping your cabbage into large chunks, just slice it down the length of it a few times to quarter it. Brush the cabbage with a bit of the spiced rum and then put on the BBQ on indirect heat to cook. This can take a while so be patient! Once it’s done and off the BBQ, slice it to make shredded BBQed cabbage.
– Next, add your skillet pan or disposable foil tray to your BBQ. Add your crumbled sausage meat into the pan or foil tray.
– Whilst your sausage mince is cooking, combine some spiced rum with lime and then pour the glaze over the sausage meat and let it bubble away until the sausage tacos are golden and crispy.
– Add a whole small red chilli to the BBQ near the end for a minute, turning it over, to create your burnt chilli. You can make a salsa from this, even make a chilli jam, or you can slice it into small pieces and sprinkle on your tacos.
– Lay your mini tortilla wraps on the BBQ for a few seconds to get those nice char grill lines and crisp them up.
– Spoon in your sausage meat. Add your shredded BBQ cabbage, your burnt chilli, jalapeños, your sauce of choice and then your pink pickled onions. For a truly fun BBQ evening, wash down the BBQ tacos with some spiced rum shots with lime wedges!

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