potatoes complete your sandwich game (and they’re gluten free!). Try this recipe for the ultimate sausage and potato sandwich. The crispy potato skins add an extra crunch to the smokey sausage.


• 1 pack of Jolly Hog Jolly Dogs Sausages
• 2 potatoes
• Olive oil or rice bran oil
• Salt
• Chroizo
• Red onions
• Chilli Jam


1) Clean your potato skins to remove any roughness or dirt.
2) Plop the potatoes into boiling water and leave them to boil for 15 minutes.
3) Heat up oil in a roasting tray.
4) Drain your potatoes and then shake them around in the colander, this will help make their skins go crispy and help you to relieve some tension ?
5) Place the potatoes on the oiled tray & coat them in the oil (use a brush here if you have one to make sure the whole skins are covered) and then sprinkle with salt. Cut each one in half, making sure not to go completely to the bottom. Placing a spoon underneath the potatoes whilst you cut it helps you to not cut all the way through.
6) Whilst the potatoes are roasting, pop our Jolly Dog sausages under the grill and turn until they look cooked and you can’t wait any longer.
7) Take your potatoes out the oven when they’re looking nice and crispy. Place your Jolly Dog in between the potato halves and sprinkle with cheese. We served these up with pan fried chorizo, red onions and chilli jam but you can choose anything to load your dogs with.

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