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For this recipe we tried out three delicious toppings to go in your sausage sarnie – home made Chimichurri sauce, chilli jam and pickled onions. These sausage sandwiches are the perfect week night meal, requiring barely any effort but tasting lip-smackingly good. Try loading your sausage burger with all three, or mix and match.


• 8 red chillis
• 1 pack of Jolly Hog Proper Porker
• 1/2 a pepper
• Small knob of ginger
• 4 garlic cloves
• 2 cups white sugar
• 100ml white wine vinegar
• 100ml of water

For the pickled onions
• Red onion
• 2 tbsp sugar
• Tsp of salt
• Apple cider vinegar

For the Chimichurri:
• 1 small white onion (or spring onions)
• 3-4 garlic cloves
• Handful of parsley
• Corriander
• Olive oil
• Lemon juice


To Make The Chilli Jam
1) The Chilli Jam is the longest part of the sarnie, so get started on this a couple hours before. It doesn’t take much effort but it needs a while on the hob.
2) Chop up 8 red chillis, 1/2 a pepper, a small knob of ginger and 4 garlic cloves.
3) In a bowl combine the ingredients above and add 2 cups of white sugar.
4) Add 100ml of pickling or white wine vinegar.
5) Heat 100ml of water in a pan and then add the ingredients, bringing it to a boil.
6) Boil for 10 minutes and then place on a lower heat for 2 hours, checking occasionally to stir.
7) Transfer the chilli jam to a ramekin and save for later. It’s ideal for bacon sarnies as well as this sausage burger.

To make the pickled onions
1) Peel and chop a red onion.
2) Stuff a jar full of the onion and set aside.
3) Combine 2 tbsp of sugar (brown or white), a teaspoon of salt and some apple cider vinegar in a bowl and then pour over the onions in the jar, adding more vinegar until they are fully coated.
4) Stir around and then add the lid and leave until eating!

To make the Chimichurri sauce:
1) Chop up 1 small white onion.
2) Chop a few garlic cloves (3 or 4). You can also add one finely chopped chilli but we would leave this if you have the chilli jam.
3) Get a large handful of parsley and chop finely, then do the same for a small handful of oregano and the same of corriander.
4) Mix a couple teaspoons of lemon juice and some olive oil.
5) Add the mix to a food processor or use an electric whisk until the ingredients are finely chopped. Keep adding olive oil if need be so that the mix becomes a sauce, or keep it chunkier if you prefer a spread.
After you’ve made your sauces of choice, stick our Proper Porkers under the grill and remember to turn. Shove them in a fresh, crusty roll and then load up with your homemade sauces!

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