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BBQ Sausage Bread Boats – BBQ food ideas

These BBQ sausage bread boats are top of our list for tasty and easy BBQ food ideas. They’re the perfect BBQ recipe for crowds or when you’re hosting a BBQ, bring such an easy BBQ recipe. This is one of the most simple but delicious sausage meals and a great sausage recipe for dinner to try during Summer and a great one if you’re looking for a simple sausage meat recipe. These boats require the bare minimum of ingredients, just our great taste award winning British sausages and a crispy fresh baguette⁠. Mix up the flavours with our different sausages, going for our Caramelised Porkers for a sweeter finish or our Proper Porkers for a peppery kick. We added a fresh and zingy homemade salsa verde to complete the dish but you can pair them with anything from sticky chilli jam to a punchy mustard!⁠ If you want to try more variations of this, or try new recipes with sausage meat, try adding additional toppings like jalapeños, chorizo or cheese into our British sausage meat! Tuck into these pimped up BBQ sausage sandwiches and let us know what you think!


The Jolly Hog Proper Porker British Sausages
The Jolly Hog Caramelised Porker British Sausages
– Baguettes (or bread of choice)

Optional for the salsa verde:
– Olive oil
– Garlic
– Capers
– Anchovies
– Basil
– Parsley
– Pepper


– Make this BBQ sausage recipe by starting to crank up the bbq or oven. This recipe is better as BBQ recipe ideas but you can also cook these BBQ sausage sandwiches under the grill or in the oven!
– Get a baguette and cut it in half long ways then scoop out some of the middle.
– Sprinkle grated cheese into the bread cavity. You can make this easy BBQ recipe without the cheese if required! If you’re trying this as easy BBQ food ideas you can keep it as is or if you’re looking for more BBQ recipes you could add things like cheese, chorizo or jalapeños into the sausage meat mix.
– Next up, squeeze out the sausage meat from our sausages. We made this as a sausage meat recipe but you could also use our British Beef Burgers to make it into a ground beef recipe or beef mince recipe.
– Flatten out the sausage mince and push on to the top of the baguette and into the hole you’ve made in the bread.
– When the BBQ is hot and the grill is clean, get some oil on the bars.
– Place the sausage baguettes meat side down on the BBQ grill. Cook off for about 15 mins. Cook the sausage bread boats until the meat is fully cooked through and the bread is nice and charred lightly.
– Whilst that cooks, make your salsa verde if desired.
– Drizzle the salsa verde on the sausage boats and then tuck in! We like serving with a chilli jam or mustard or try them with more variations and toppings for different sausage meals or sausage recipes for dinner! Lovely job!

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