Restaurant Summer menu tasting

One of the highlights of our job is always the menu tasting at Pigsty, our Bristol restaurant. We get to try the whole menu that the chef and our operations manager Thomas Forward put forward whilst we feed back on it. I.e. it’s a bloomin great day of eating and talking about food. It’s also a great chance for us to get embarrassing photos of each other eating. Win win. We’re always grateful that we get to trial our products in new ways at our restaurant and see them on a menu. The feedback we get at the restaurant on our products is invaluable and a great place to develop a product before it hits the stores. Our sausage rolls have just launched in Sainsbury’s and we truly believe they would not have got there without us being able to trial them at the restaurant for the last few years. Looking forward to people trying our new Summer menu & working more on another product we have brewing at the restaurant.

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