Fully recyclable packaging for our ham & scotch eggs!

Did you know our Sausage Rolls & Scotch Eggs have fully recyclable packaging?⁠ ?⁠ ⁠ As part of the mission statement that we made earlier this year, we decided that we wanted all of our products to be in fully recyclable packaging by the end of 2022, because quite simply, that’s the right thing to do.⁠ ⁠ We’re so chuffed to be able to have adapted our gooey Scotch Eggs to be fully recyclable and have launched our new Proper Sausage Rolls⁠ to be the same. We’ll make sure to share our journey with you as we work on making each product more sustainable. It’s not an easy job getting the products to be sustainably packaged, affordable, to protect the product right & for it to stand out on shelf still, but we’re slowly getting there. You can find the sausages & scotch eggs now in stores!

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