Jerk ‘Rasta Pasta’ Chicken Sausage Recipe

We’ve been seeing this rasta pasta recipe everywhere recently so we thought we’d try our hand at it! The kick of the jerk seasoning cuts through the creamy pasta sauce beautifully, going great with our peppery, rosemary and thyme chicken sausages. We thought it would be the perfect recipe for our chicken sausages, and we were right! Although we’ve shared this as a chicken sausage recipe, we’re definitely going to be giving this a go with our Little Porker sausage chipolatas sometime soon as well!


– 1 pack of Jolly Hen Chicken Sausages
– 1/2 pack of Penne (or your pasta of choice. We used gluten free!)
– 3 peppers – one of each colour
– Jerk seasoning
– Butter or olive oil
– Coconut milk (or you can use cream)


– Start by setting your pasta to cook until it’s al dente (i.e. has a bit of a crunch still to it). Drain your pasta once it’s finished.
– Whilst your pasta is cooking, make your chicken sausages into mini bite sized meatballs by squeezing each chipolata to remove its meat.
– Remove the sausage skins and tear the chicken sausage meat into small balls. It’s okay if these look quiet rustic!
– Fry the chicken sausage balls in a frying pan with oil until they are browned and golden and cooked through in the middle. Add a tsp or 2 of jerk seasoning (depending on how spicy you like it). Put them to the side.
– Once you’ve removed the chicken sausage meat, add in sliced peppers for a couple of minutes to fry.
– Next, add in your coconut milk or cream. We used coconut milk to make this a slightly lighter & healthier chicken sausage recipe, but you can use cream instead. We added about 4 tbsp of coconut milk but you can add more for a creamier, saucier pasta.
– Add in a couple tsps of jerk seasoning and stir and allow your sauce to thicken.
– After a minute or two, chuck in your pasta and your chicken sausage bits and stir through so it is all coated with the sauce.
– Taste test the jerk pasta pasta and add more jerk seasoning if you prefer it spicier!

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