Hoisin Pulled Pork Pancakes – Party Food Recipe

We all love crispy Aromatic duck pancakes, so we thought we’d give it a crack making them at home. Our slow cooked BBQ Pulled Pork is a great alternative to duck for hoisin pancakes. Because we’ve slow cooked it for you, it makes this recipe super easy. We love serving up these pulled pork pancakes as a cool Christmas party food idea. They’re so simple, it’s literally an assemble job rather than a party food recipe!


– 1 pack of The Jolly Hog Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Pork
– Cucumber
– Spring onion
– Apple
– Pancakes x 8
– Hoisin sauce


– Start by putting our BBQ Pulled Pork in the oven and cook according to pack instructions.
– Whilst it’s cooking, finely slice a green apple, chop spring onions into thin rounds and peel cucumber with a potato peeler for super thin strips (alternatively you can just chop the cucumber into fine sticks).
– You can add hoisin sauce to the pulled pork, to make your pancakes taste like the ones you
get from your favourite takeaway.
– Serve the BBQ Pulled Pork in pancakes for the ultimate party food recipe.

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