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Pigs in Blankets Puff Pastry Christmas Wreath

This Pigs in blankets puff pastry Christmas wreath is ALWAYS a winning party food creation. The children at Christmas parties go mad for this recipe and they love getting involved in making these Christmas wreaths. Pigs in blankets are everyones favourite Christmas party food so this puff pastry Christmas wreath is sure to go down a winner with the whole crowd.


– 2 packs of our British Black Treacle Bacon Wrapped Pigs in Blankets
– 1 pack of Puff Pastry
Tracklements Dijon mustard
– 2 eggs
– Poppy seeds or black sesame seeds
– Rosemary sprigs
– Cranberry sauce


– Semi-cook the Pigs in blankets so they’re beginning to brown.
– Lay your puff pastry flat on it’s greaseproof paper.
– Cut it in half down the middle both ways, making a cross.
– Use a sharp knife to divide each of the four squares you’ve created in half down the middle diagonally making two triangles in each square.
– Next, cut each triangle into three smaller triangles, running the knife from the top of the triangle point own to the base.
– Spread dijon mustard or your sauce of choice across the puff pastry.
– Wrap each of these triangular bits of puff pastry around one pigs in blankets at a time. Repeat with each of the pigs in blanket.
– Beat your eggs and brush the pastry with the egg glaze. Sprinkle with sesame seeds or poppy seeds.
– Arrange your pigs in blankets in a circle to form your pigs in blankets Christmas wreath.
– Cook for 15-20 minutes on 170c fan or until the pigs in blankets are fully cooked, the puff pastry has risen and browned nicely.
– Serve with a pot of cranberry sauce or other dipping sauce in the middle. Try mixing up your pigs in blanket Christmas wreath with a honey mustard dipping sauce or even an apple sauce!

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