The Jolly Hog is now in restaurants

THE JOLLY HOG HAS MADE IT ONTO RESTAURANT MENUS ?? Since we started our own restaurant, Pigsty, back in 2016 we always wanted to get to the point where we’d see our bacon & sausages on the menu in other restaurants. Having more people try us in their delicious meals is obviously an exciting prospect for a small business. But that aside, it’s pretty amazing to have restaurants recognise us as having great produce when they choose our products for their menus. In the first of our exciting menu cameos, our Great Taste Award winning bacon & sausages can now be found at local restaurant The Forge and Fern. Try our Smoked Streaky Bacon in their epic jalapeño jam & garlic confit mayo burger, or our Proper Porker Sausages & Black Treacle Bacon in their mighty breakfasts ??

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