We are so excited to finally share with you our latest product – The Jolly Cow Smash Burgers ?⁠

As BBQ fanatics, it won’t be surprising that an average Summer weekend for us involves a few hours spent in front of the grill. And, as no Great British BBQ is complete without a burger, we decided to give the classic beef burger the Jolly treatment.⁠

We started by carefully selecting the best British beef, and mixing it with cracked black pepper. These burgers are big on beefy flavour, with a generous helping of bone marrow, giving them a deliciously deep umami flavour. The burgers are self-basting, slowly releasing some of the bone marrow into the pan whilst they cook so they fry in their own rich beefy juices – no oil needed! As we’ve smashed the patties, making them more tender, flatter and super speedy to cook! Less time cooking, more time eating.⁠

Find them exclusively in Sainsbury’s in July!??⁠

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