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Bacon & Banana Mini Pancakes recipe – Stuffed Pancake recipe

How to make pancakes even better? Stuff them with bacon and banana and make them mini. Duh. Kids will love this mini pancakes recipe (and so will you). With the smokiness of our Oak & Beech Smoked Streaky Bacon and the sweetness of the caramelised banana and salted caramel sauce, these crunchy and fluffy pancakes provide a treat in every bite.⁠ Try this stuffed pancake recipe for a fun twist on your standard pancakes, perfect for brunch or dessert with the delicious bacon and banana. If you saw the pancake cereal recipe on TikTok then you’ll want to give this version a try. It’s the perfect new TikTok food hack to try for your weekend brunch.


– 1 pack of our The Jolly Hog British Outdoor Bred Oak & Beech Smoked Streaky Bacon⁠
– 1 banana⁠
– 70g Flour⁠
– 1/4-1/2 tsp baking powder⁠
– Honey or Salted Caramel sauce⁠ to drizzle⁠
– Cinnamon or brown sugar (optional)⁠
– 80-100 ml Milk⁠


– To begin making this mini pancake recipe, stir the flour and self raising flour together. You can also add a pinch of cinammon or brown sugar at this point for extra caramelisation.⁠

– Pour in your milk, then stir. Melt 1 tbsp or so of butter and pour that in too. Stir your pancake mixture.⁠

– Put a pack of our bacon under the grill to cook according to pack instructions. Once it’s cooked, chop half of it into smaller chunks to stuff in the pancakes and the other half into mini bits to sprinkle on top.⁠

– Chop a banana into chunks. Add your banana chunks and your chopped bacon into the pancake mixture. Stir them through to cover.⁠

– In a frying pan, heat butter or olive oil. When it’s foaming, use a spoon to add in your pancake batter coated bacon and banana bites. Cook until golden on both sides.⁠

– Drizzle with the mini crispy bacon bits and salted caramel sauce (or maple syrup) ⁠

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