Meet the team – Stu

Meet Stu. Finance Director at The Jolly Hog, Extreme Drinker of Decaf Tea, Top Crisp Snaffler and Balancer of the Bacon Books. Stu is one of our longest standing Jolly Hoggers, having been with us for almost 4 years. He’s in charge of the numbers, budgeting, forecasting and even sits on our board. He helps to make sure we’re not eating more bacon and sausage sandwiches than we’re selling. His favourite Jolly Hog product is our Jolly Dogs, which makes sense because he loves cooking outdoors on the BBQ. Anything that can be cooked low and slow is a win for him. Although, we do have to add he has a serious penchant for his morning crisps & cups of tea. Seriously, we reckon he could win a competitive decaf tea drinking competition. One of Stu’s most memorable moments was running Tough Mudder with a number of Jolly Hog buyers, team mates and friends – only a few months after starting the job! He’s always been a trooper! Meet the rest of the team

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