Meet The Team: Harriet, Marketing Assistant

Sparklers & BBQed pumpkins, just another day in the life of a Marketing Assistant at The Jolly Hog! ? As part of our Meet the Team series, we want you to meet Harriet Waldron. Harriet heads up our Events & Activation, coming up with cool ideas to activate our brand & make sure our menus are top notch for the events we’re attending. She also works on our retailer marketing, helping us get more visible on our retailers sites – plus she heads up content for our fixed sites Pigsty & On The Trot (which means lots of food photo shoots!) Harriet’s favourite The Jolly Hog is our Black Treacle Bacon (in her words, ‘I could eat bacon with everything’). Her fave meal of all time is a homemade carbonara done properly. Proper fresh eggs, parmesan, tons of black pepper & guanciale or pancetta. Harriet’s most memorable moment since joining us was our team trip to Suffolk where she got to learn more about the farming industry & meet with other food businesses (plus drink a lot of cider!) Meet the rest of the team: https://thejollyhog.com/about/our-story/

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