Meet the Team – Rosie

Meet Rosie, our Retail Account Manager, office pocket rocket, chief champagne drinker and undercover pop singer extraordinaire. Rosie joined us just over a year ago as one of our first ever account managers, taking charge of managing and growing our retail business by working closely with our supermarket buyers. Her job is to make sure as many of our products are in as many stores as possible (and she’s been smashing it, getting us into loads of stores since she joined!) As part of this she works on costings, presenting new products, planning with the marketing team & travelling around to visit our lovely buyers. Rosie had trouble choosing her favourite The Jolly Hog product but settle on BBQ Pulled Pork. Her favourite meal is always one that involves trying lots of different foods like tapas and small plates. Having said that, Rosie said a perfectly cooked steak is hard to beat with any meal – “fries on the side, always.” Since joining, Rosie’s favourite moment here has been our recent surprise team day out. We were led to believe we had a boing corporate agenda for a Friday planned, but it was actually a day of netball, cooking, pizza and rugby. Another highlight was meeting Michel Roux Jr and being gifted some of his champagne. Our team’s favourite moment of Rosie was when she got on stage at Meatopia and performed Katy Perry, earning her the alterego of ‘Rosie Perry’.

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