Meet the team: Account Manager Toby

Introducing the latest member of Hog HQ… Toby Fleming! ? Toby’s joining us as our new Account Manager. He’s going to be in charge of growing our presence in food service, helping us on our mission to see our porky products in our favourite UK restaurants, bars and other venues. He’s already smashed it, working on our second ever feature on a restaurant menu, with our sausages & bacon now on the menu at Bristol based Forge and Fern. In the first few weeks of being here, he’s also already helped serve up pulled pork baps at an event, volunteered at FareShare for a morning, and even had a BBQ with the Bristol Bears. Just like everyone at Hog HQ, Toby genuinely loves ALL food but when push comes to shove, he reckons you just can’t beat a sensational paella or sourdough pizza. We’re definitely looking forward to his first team lunch if he makes one of those! He also loves Black Treacle Bacon the most out of all our products so hopefully that’ll sneak on the menu too. When we asked him what he was most excited about when joining us, our Monday team lunches obviously made it on to the list, but he’s also looking forward to starting a sales channel from basically a blank slate. We know he’s going to smash it! Check out the rest of the team here.

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