Meet the Team: Warren

Meet Warren Davis, our Retail Operations Director. Although he has a bit of a scary job title, Warren is anything but. Instead, he’s known for being the ‘Dad’ of the office (begrudgingly), our chief golf reporter, top dancer, lover of zesty cider and has even been known for his secret cartwheeling skills. Since joining us last year, Warren’s been in charge of making sure we can always supply our supermarkets with our products (despite the many crazy things 2021 and 2022 has thrown at us to get in the way!) He also works closely on our new product development and with our account managers to make sure we have the best products we can. More recently, he’s come up with some banging marketing ideas that have us wondering if he needs to switch teams! Warren’s favourite Jolly Hog product is Proper Porkers but Caramelised Porkers are a close second. Warren’s a big curry fan but pork belly with great crackling is a big winner in his family (and in The Jolly Hog’s unsurprisingly). Since joining us, Warren’s favourite moment of each week is our Monday team lunches, getting together to talk about weekends and food. Our favourite memory since Warren joined was his cartwheeling at Ashton Gate Stadium. Iconic.

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