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Jerk BBQ Pulled Pork Burgers with pickled Pineapple Salsa

We saw this meal idea over at SpenCooks and we had to give it a go! These pulled pork burgers are the ultimate Summer sandwiches and such a fun new way to use our BBQ Pulled Pork. The jerk sauce adds a lovely extra depth of flavour to the already delicious smokey BBQ and tangy apple sauce that our Pulled Pork is slow cooked in. The pickled onion and pineapple salsa goes so well with this recipe but is sure to become a regular in our house this Summer. It would also taste amazing in tacos or tortillas with our BBQ Pulled Pork in. Give this recipe a go for a banging weekend family meal that the kids (and you) will get excited about!


– 1 pack of our Jolly Hog BBQ Slow Cooked Pulled Pork
– 1 small pineapple
– 1 Red onion
– A bottle of red wine vinegar (or cider vinegar)
– Chilli
– Jerk sauce (buy it in store or make yourself)
– Brioche burger buns
– Garlic
– Mayonnaise
– Lemon/ Lime


– We finished Spen Cooks recipe for this bit! If you have time, make your pickled onions and pineapple the day before, or the morning you plan to eat. Start by removing the skin from the pineapple and chopping it into sticks.
– Chop a red onion into thin slices.
– You can also chop up half a red chilli to add some spice to this salsa if you want!
– Add it to a large bowl with a pinch of salt and half a bottle of cider vinegar. If your pineapple isn’t covered, add some more vinegar or water to top it up until the onions covered too. Leave in the fridge to make your pickled onion and pineapple salsa.
– When you go to make your meal, start by putting our BBQ Pulled Pork in the oven and cooking according to pack instructions.
– Remove the pineapple & onion from the pickling liquid & chop into small chunks into your salsa. For extra special Summer salsa, chop up some coriander and add it to your salsa and stir and fold it in.
– Make your garlic mayonnaise by combining 1 tsp of garlic powder with mayonnaise. You can cheat and just buy garlic mayo, we won’t judge. Add the juice of a quarter of a lime for some extra zest to the mayo!
– Spread the garlic mayo on the bottom half of your brioche buns then load up with your BBQ Pulled Pork, pickled onion and pineapple salsa and top with a generous glug of jerk sauce.

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