Hot dogs recipe – fusion hot dog

As massive sausage lovers, we love dipping our toes into new hot dogs recipes every Summer, and this year we’re championing the fusion hot dog! Fusion food has massively boomed into popularity this year and we’ve loved trying this fusion food recipe. Try one of these three hot dog toppings ideas for a new hot dog idea or BBQ food idea. These ideas include an Asian inspired hot dog, a Caribbean inspired hot dog and a classic British inspired hot dog too.


– 1 pack of The Jolly Hog Chicken Hot Dog Summer Cluckers
– Hot dog finger rolls

– Gochujang paste
– Mayo
– Garlic mayo
– Jerk sauce
– Pineapple
– Red chilli
Tracklements Caramelised Onion Marmalade
– Crispy onions
– Spring onions
– Sesame seeds
– Rocket
– Parsley
– Red wine vinegar or lime


– We’ve brought you three new hot dogs recipes. For all of these fusion hot dog ideas, start by cooking our smokey Summer Cluckers Chicken Hot Dogs or our smokey Jolly Hog Jolly Dogs to the BBQ and cook until browned and cooked all the way through.
– To make the Caribbean style hot dog, top your chicken hot dog in Reggae Reggae sauce. Make a pineapple salsa by chopping pineapple into small chunks, chop a small red chilli into small pieces and combine the two. Add a splash of red wine vinegar or lime and stir to make a delicious spicy and refreshing salsa. Sprinkle with parsley and tuck in!
– To make the Asian hot dog, stir gochujang paste with mayo to make a gochujang sauce for your gochujang hot dogs. Sprinkle the hot dogs with sesame seeds & spring onions for extra crunch.
– If you want to make the more British inspired hot dog, layer your finger roll with caramelised onion chutney and then add your hot dog. Stuff the hot dog with rocket and then cover with a garlic mayo (you can make a garlic mayo by combining garlic puree with mayo or buy a pre-made one). Sprinkle with crispy onions and tuck in.

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