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Treacle Bacon Breakfast Hot Cross Bun Burgers

We bloomin’ love a hot cross bun at Easter – I mean, come on, who doesn’t! Because we never do anything in halves, we always take our Hot Cross Buns to the next level and load them up as breakfast burgers with our porky products. We love trying them with different combos each time – Bacon, Brie & Chilli Jam, Our porky black sausages with apple sauce, our Pigs in blankets with scrambled egg – the lot! Try out this meal idea for the best, most indulgent Easter breakfast option you’ll have. Once you’ve had it, you’ll be surprised at all all the different combinations you’ll try in hot cross buns!


– Hot Cross Buns
– 1 pack of Jolly Hog Black Treacle Bacon
– Butter
– Peanut butter
(or any ingredients you fancy for your breakfast hot cross bun burger!)


– Start by cooking our Black Treacle Bacon according to pack instructions. We love grilling it!

– Toast your hot cross bun and cut it in half. ⁠

– Smother with a generous portion of butter. Now this bit is where you can get really creative, but our personal favourite combo is peanut butter with our black treacle bacon. The saltiness and sweetness of both the treacle smoked bacon and the peanut butter go amazingly together.⁠

– Squish some of our black treacle cured bacon in the middle of the hot cross bun & then squish in your mouth.⁠ Job done.

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