Ham & Pineapple puff pastry pizzas

Ham & Pineapple Puff Pastry Pizzas… It’s time to settle the age old question, does pineapple belong on a pizza? 🍍⁠ Controversial combos aside, these cheese and ham puff pastry pizzas are equally delicious made with other toppings (think carbonara style pizza, or a classic margarita). The perfect porky lunch time treat, these pizzas will become your best friend for quick midweek meals and lunch box ideas for you and your children.


1 pack of Jolly Hog Thick Cut Black Treacle Ham
– Pineapple chunks
– Grated cheese or mozzarella
– 1 pack of puff pastry pizzas
– 5 tbsp Tomato puree
– 1 tbsp ketchup


– Heat your oven to 180c.⁠

– Take a pack of puff pastry and unroll it. Cut it into even sized rectangles (you can mix up the shapes and sizes based on how many you want to cook).⁠

– Line an oven tray with baking paper and top with your pizza shapes.⁠

– Score a small border around the edges of each of your pastry pizzas to create a crust to your pizza.⁠

– Cook them for 15 mins. You’ll cook them again after this.⁠

– To make your tomato sauce whilst your pizza is cooking, mix ⁠5 tbsp tomato puree & 1 tbsp ketchup.⁠

– Remove your pizzas from the oven. Make the pizza well by squashing it down (except from the crust) with a spoon. Spread the middle of your pizzas with your tomato sauce.⁠

– Top with grated cheese or pizza mozzarella then your toppings. We added pineapple chunks with our Black Treacle Ham teared into small pieces but we also love a classic cheese and ham combo with our Oven Roasted Ham.⁠

– Cook for 5-8 mins or until the pastry has puffed.⁠

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