If you’re wanting a dinner or lunch full of greens, this halloumi and bacon salad is perfect for you. Packed with peas, spinach, rocket, salad – and any other veg you decide to chuck in – this recipe is a simple and tasty way to eat more greens. Because salad’s don’t have to be boring, we added chunks of Halloumi wrapped in our bacon.


• Halloumi x 1 block
• 1 x pack of Jolly Hog Streaky Bacon or Jolly Good Bacon
• Frozen peas
• Rocket
• Spinach
• Salad leaves
• Dijon mustard
• Vinegar or red wine vinegar
• Spring onions
• Olive oil


• Start by putting your frozen peas to boil until cooked (normally takes about 4 minutes).
• Chop up your halloumi into strips. Measurements depend on how hungry you are. If you’re wanting a lighter lunch or serving children, use half a block of halloumi. If you’re as hungry as we are, use 3/4 of a block.
• We normally cut down the halloumi from the top and then down lengthways to make them skinnier.
• Use either our Streaky Bacon or use our Jolly Good Bacon (if you’re using this, cut the rashers of bacon in half to make it closer to streakier and better for wrapping).
• Wrap each hallouni chunk in bacon, tyring to secure it in a package by crossing over the bacon and tucking it under (just like when you make pigs in blankets!)
• Heat oil in a pan on a medium heat and fry the bacon and cheese until it is grilled and crispy.
• In a bowl, mix together 4 tsp dijon mustard with 2 tsp oil and 1 tsp vinegar.
• Lay your halloumi and bacon parcels on a bed of salad and rocket, then top with your drained peas.
• Finish off by scattering chopped spring onions on top and drizzling your mustard salad dressing.
This recipe also works great switching the halloumi for our Little Porker chipolatas chopped in half, or to save yourself the trouble you can try it with our pre-wrapped Pigs in Blankets ?Try these on the BBQ with cranberry sauce for a different version!

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