Goodbye to one of our original Hoggers

Yesterday we said goodbye to our Product and Category Manager Katy Pook (with lots of food and lots of tears) When we first met Katy and found out that her second name was one letter change away from Pork we knew it was a sign! Joining us as our very first proper investment into Marketing, Katy really helped us develop the brand and spread awareness on a shoestring. Having a can do attitude, being hungry to learn and also to get her hands dirty across all areas of our business, was exactly what everyone wants from someone in a start up. Katy bought that in bucket loads. From kitchen pitches to supermarket buyers, painting menu boards for our events, panel testing products in a barn, discussing pantones for hours, building hefty category decks, making epic team lunches (including homemade stuffed pasta Katy handmade), creating art work mock ups, helping on cost prices, serving sausages in a horse box and much more, we can’t thank Katy enough. We wish her all the very best in the future and we will be annoyed if she doesn’t come back and see us at HQ soon. Cheers Pooky, we’ll miss you.

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