These pancakes are great for getting your kids involved with cooking, and a delicious treat for making weekend breakfasts a bit more special. If you’re not crazy on the sweet and savoury combination, you can switch it up and use scrambled egg and bacon instead.


– 1 pack of Jolly Hog Black Treacle Bacon
– 125g Gluten-free flour
– Egg
– 250ml Milk
– Butter
– Bananas
– Maple syrup


1) Pour 125g gluten-free plain flour into a bowl. You can also use other gluten-free alternatives like chickpea flour.
2) Make a well in the centre of the flour and crack an egg into the middle.
3) Next pour in 50ml of milk, whisk it into the flour, before adding more, until eventually you’ve added 250ml of milk in total.
4) The batter should now be lump-free. Leave to rest for 20 minutes (this is a real test of patience!).
5) Heat a small non-stick frying pan with butter, and wait until the butter begins to foam.
6) Pour in the batter, using small bits at a time to make the individual pancakes. Cook for a couple of minutes until they’re beginning to turn golden brown on the bottom and then flip.
7) In a separate frying pan, fry our treacle bacon until fully cooked then set to the side or in a warming oven.
8) In this same pan, add butter and chopped bananas, then sprinkle on cinnamon, sugar, honey or maple syrup. Let the banana slices sizzle for a couple of minutes, soaking up all that sweet flavour before removing from the heat.
9) Stack up your pancakes and serve with the sweet banana slices and our treacle bacon on top. A dash of maple syrup on top is not a necessity but definitely would not go a miss!

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