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Garlic Bacon Gnocchi Recipes

The EASIEST tastiest comfort meal – Garlic bacon gnocchi recipe! Toasted panko breadcrumb, bacon, parmesan & crispy aglio e olio gnocchi., aka. the best gnocchi recipe you’ll try! This is such an easy gnocchi recipe and perfect if you like a crispy gnocchi recipe and also want more recipes with streaky bacon! This delivers on all the fronts. Texture from the crispy panko and pillowy gnocchi. Saltiness from the bacon, zestiness & acidity from the lemon and aromatic freshness from the parsley. This took literally 10 mins start to finish. Try it with our Double Smoked Streaky Bacon for a lovely smokiness cutting through the gnocchi!


– Gnocchi
– 1 pack of The Jolly Hog Double Smoked Streaky Bacon
– 4 cloves of garlic
– Juice or half a lemon
– Parmesan
– Salt & pepper
– Parsley
– Panko breadcrumb (optional)
– Chilli paste (optional)


– To make this bacon gnocchi recipe, mince the garlic & chop the parsley.
– Add a generous dollop of butter to a frying pan on medium high heat with our Double Smoked British Streaky Bacon chopped into smaller bits to make your own crispy bacon bits.
– Put your gnocchi on to boil in salted water til al dente. Keep half a cup of the pasta water.
– Put panko breadcrumb (or normal) under the grill with a drizzle of olive oil until crispy.
– Pan fry the bacon for a few mins then add in the garlic for a minute.
– Chuck in the bacon to the crispy gnocchi recipe and a tsp of chilli paste and pan fry til the gnocchis crispy.
– Add in the pasta water & lemon juice and remove from the heat. Sprinkle on the parsley, grated parmesan and salt & pepper to taste.

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