Egg Fried Rice – Bacon Recipe Ideas

If you’re looking for bacon recipe ideas, egg fried rice is always a great idea. This easy egg fried rice recipe only takes 30 minutes maximum to make and is a great way for using up leftover rice. Bacon egg fried rice is an elevated version of the classic dish. Try this for a mid-week meal and sneak in as many green vegetables as you can or whatever veggies you have left in the fridge.


To feed 2:
– 1 pack of our The Jolly Hog Oak & Beech Smoked British Bacon
– Rice (we like using Jasmine or Sushi rice)
– 2 x Happy Eggs
– Spring onions
– Garlic
– Ginger
– Sesame Oil
– Sesame seeds
– Kale, Green Beans & Tenderstem brocoli
– Soy sauce


– To make this delicious bacon recipe idea, start by cooking your rice. You can use this recipe to use up leftover rice too or cook it on that day.
– Whilst that’s happening, fry your bacon and then put to the side and chop into smaller chunks once it’s cooled.
– Mince garlic and chop your spring onions.
– Add your garlic and spring onions with sesame oil to the same pan as your bacon was cooked in. Chuck in your tender stem broccoli, kale and green beans or any veggies of your choice. Peas or peppers would also work well.
– Stir fry until the garlic has caramelised, the spring onions have charred and your veggies are cooked.
– Add your bacon and rice back into the wok or frying pan and stir until it’s combined. Splash in a tbsp of soy sauce and a tbsp of sesame oil and toss through.
– Push your rice to the side of your pan and crack in two eggs to the side of the pan. Wait until they’re beginning to look like scrambled eggs and then stir them through the rice, creating your egg fried rice.
– Sprinkle your bacon egg fried rice with sesame seeds and extra chopped spring onions.

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