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Ultimate Ham Egg & Chips – Gammon Recipe

We’ve decided to pimp up this classic British comfort meal with our Black Treacle Gammon. This is the ideal Winter Warmer and comfort food to get you through Autumn. Our smokey and sweet Black Treacle Gammon, combined with the chunkiest and fluffiest of chips make this the ULTIMATE Ham, egg and chips. The poshest pub food you’ve ever had, but home made! If you can’t get your hands on our Gammon, switch this from a gammon recipe to using some of our Extra Thick Cut Black Treacle Ham instead.


– 1 of our The Jolly Hog Black Treacle Gammon
– Pierre Koffmanns Chipping Potatoes
– Free range eggs
– Oil
– Peas
– Salt
– Butter


– Put our Black Treacle Gammon in the oven and cook according to pack instructions.
– Start by peeling potatoes. Pierre Koffmann Chipping potatoes work best for roasted chunky chips.
– As you’re peeling each potato, put the peeled ones in a bowl or saucepan of cold water, to help them stay fresh.
– Once peeled, chop each potato in half length-ways and then into 3 or 4 chunks depending on how chunky you like your chips, and how large the potatoes are.
– Bring a deep saucepan to boil and then add your chips. Boil for 8-10 minutes.
– Check the chips are done by poking a fork through one. The fork should very easily go through the potato.
– Drain the chips in a colander. Shake them a little to rough up the edges, and allow them time to air dry.
– When the gammon is cooked, remove from the tray and cover with foil – leave it to rest so that it stays juicy.
– Heat oil in a baking tray at 200-220 degrees. Once it’s hot, carefully add the chips and sprinkle with salt. Give them a quick turn to make sure they are coated in oil.
– Cook for around 25 mins, until the chips are golden.
– Serve with thickly sliced black treacle gammon, fried eggs and peas.
TOP TIP: Save some of the juices from your Gammon roasting to cook the chunky chips in for extra crispy, tasty potatoes.

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