Easy Pulled Pork Burger with Pineapple Salsa

We’re big lovers of the ham and pineapple combination so we thought we’d give it our own jolly spin. Our pulled pork pairs with pineapple in this burger for a delicious sweet and savoury combo for a fusion spin on this Summery dish. A Pulled pork burger is always a winner, being so easy to cook but tasting delicious. Add in the pork and pineapple combination and it tastes even better. If you’re looking for pulled pork recipes, this is a great one to try this Summer. Consider this a pimped up pulled pork sandwich, thanks to the pineapple salsa and tasty kick from the mustard. In fact, we loved this dish so much we put it on our Summer Menu at our restaurant as the ‘Tropical Bun’ during Summer.



  • To make one of these pineapple and pulled pork burgers, start by cooking our British Pulled Pork. Cook according to pack instructions.
  • When the pulled pork is almost ready for the pulled pork sandwich, combine mustard and mayo to make your mustard mayo sauce. Start by using equal amounts of both to combine, then taste and adjust to whether you want a more mustardy burger sauce or a creamier one.
  • Shred or finely chop lettuce ready for your pulled pork burger. You can even add pickled onions to this pulled pork recipe. If you’re going to, make your own by finely dicing red onions and covering in red wine vinegar with a pinch of salt & sugar for an hour or more.
  • Toast your brioche buns quickly (you can char them on the hob directly on the fire, in a frying pan or on the BBQ)
  • Layer up your brioche bun with the mustard mayo, our pulled pork, the lettuce & the pineapple hot sauce. You can also make your own pineapple salsa to go with this. If you are, just chop pineapple, parsley, red onion & red chilli and combine with a splash of red wine vinegar for an extra tangy burger.
  • Remember, this pulled pork recipe can be used for anything. The flavour combo also works great to stuff in tacos, soft corn tortillas, sarnies or even toasties!

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