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Easy BBQ recipes – Chimichurri Sausage Recipes

These Chimichurri sausage skewers are a great meal to try if you’re looking for easy BBQ recipes. The sausage skewers taste amazing on the BBQ but can also be done under the grill if you don’t have an outdoor space (or the weather doesn’t allow it!). Chimichurri sauce is a great sauce for BBQ meats, really bringing out all the juicy and meaty flavours. In terms of simple BBQ ideas, chimichurri sauce is a great easy addition to up your BBQ game. The great thing about these BBQ sausage skewers is that they make BBQing easier and quicker as you cut down on time flipping sausages, they’re also a great BBQ recipe ideas for a crowd as you can make lots of them easily. Try mixing up the sauce on your sausage BBQ skewers each BBQ – try topping them in harissa or blue cheese or a salsa verde!


– 2 packs of our British Sausages – either go for our Caramelised Porkers or Proper Porkers
– Handful or two of parsley
Wykes farm extra mature cheddar cheese
– 4 cloves of garlic
– A few tbsps of olive oil
– 2 tbsp red wine vinegar
– 1 small fresh red chilli
Cornish Sea Salt
– Black pepper


– In terms of easy BBQ recipes, this is literally one of the easiest around. All you have to do is prepare your chimichurri sauce and then whack the sausage skewers on the BBQ. But just because these skewers fall into the category of simple BBQ ideas, doesn’t make them boring. They are packed with flavour!
– To start making their amazing flavoursome sauce, chop and mince your garlic cloves. Whilst you’re making your sauce you can heat up your BBQ or your grill.
– Chop a handful of parsley finely next and then your red chilli.
– Add the chilli, garlic and parsley into a small bowl.
– Next up, add your olive oil and red wine vinegar.
– Season with sea salt and pepper and then stir to combine. If you have a hand blender or a pestle and mortar, use this to make the chimichurri sauce less chunky or until it’s as chunky or as smooth as you’d like it to be.
– Take the sausages and skewer them, using two skewers on each end of the sausage. Put a whole pack down on a board then skewer them one sausage at a time, one side at a time. These are a great BBQ sharer as you can do one pack in one go!
– Lay your sausage skewers on the BBQ and let them cook until browned on one side before flipping over. Allow the next side to cook until they’re fully cooked.
– Flip the sausage BBQ skewers & top with your grated cheese and the chimichurri sauce. Allow it to stay on the BBQ until it’s melted and gooey.

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