Crumpets Christmas breakfast recipe with pigs in blankets

Whether you dip your PIBs in the runny golden yolk or let it drip into the crumpet like a delicious buttery sponge, this classic brunch recipe is taken to the next level with the addition of vibrant, spicy Nduja hollandaise.  These crumpets make the perfect Christmas breakfast recipe and are made even more scrumptious by our smokey and sweet great taste award winning British pigs in blankets.



1 egg yolk  

2 tsp white wine vinegar  

75g salted butter, melted 

1 lemon  

1 heaped tsp Nduja 



1 pack The Jolly Hog British Pigs in Blankets  

4 crumpets, toasted 

4 eggs  

Vinegar, for poaching water  

Butter, for serving 


  • First, preheat the oven to gas 6/200C/180C fan.  
  • Place the Pigs in blankets on a baking tray and bake in the oven for 20 minutes. In the meantime, make the hollandaise.  
  • Place a small pan on the hob and add enough water to cover the bottom by 3 or 4cm. Turn onto a medium heat and allow the water to gently simmer. 
  • In a heatproof dish, whisk together the egg yolk and vinegar then place on top of the saucepan ensuring it does not touch the water. 
  • Slowly pour in the melted butter whilst continuously whisking allowing the egg to very gently cook but not scramble. Over time, once all the butter is added, the sauce will begin to thicken.  
  • Once thick and glossy add a squeeze of lemon followed by the nduja. Whisk until completely smooth and remove from the heat whilst you poach your eggs. 
  • Bring a pan of water with a splash of vinegar to a gentle simmer before creating a whirlpool in the water using a whisk. Carefully crack your eggs into a mug or bowl before lowering into the spinning water. 
  • Cook for 2 minutes before lower the temperature to low and allowing the eggs to finish cooking in the residual heat approximately 4 minutes – you may want to cook you eggs in batches.  
  • Lift the eggs out of the water using a slotted spoon and drain on a piece of kitchen paper. Repeat with the remaining eggs. 
  • To serve, butter your toasted crumpets and top each crumpet with a poached egg. Divide out the pigs in blankets and top the poached eggs. Generously pour over the hollandaise and finish with some freshly cracked black pepper and pinch of salt.  

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