Michel Roux tries our sausages

Things really began to change in 2011 when Olly met Michel at Quins rugby ground one day, the boys joked that Olly made sausages and Michel asked to sample them. Josh and Olly made their most finest sausage and took them to his Michelin starred restaurant La Gavroche. The next day Michel Roux was asked what his favourite sausage was on GMTV and he said it was ours!  Olly’s mobile number was on the website and orders came in like a tsunami. The next year we got to serve Michel Roux Jr our sausages again at the 2012 Aviva Premiere Cup (a day Olly still calls one of the best of his life). Not only did Olly get to share a Jolly Hog sausage with the legends that are Michel Roux Jr and Monica Galetti, but he got to do it with a Premiership medal around his neck. Meanwhile, mum served Michel Roux a warm glass of chardonnay in a plastic cup. Nice one mum ⁠!