Sticky Cider Apple Sauce BBQ Hot Dogs

We asked Olly to tell us what his ultimate hot dog was and here’s what he came up with. Sticky, sweet and smokey, these hot dogs are that perfect trio of flavours. We’ve loaded our Jolly Dog sausages – made extra smokey with their smoked salt – with homemade sticky cider apple sauce and quick pickled cabbages. These are a great addition to any hot dog bar or BBQ, plus they’re super easy to make. Get the kids involved making their own apple sauce, and make sure to use up any leftover apple sauce on some of our Porky Black sausages the next day in a brekkie sarnie!


– 1 pack of Jolly Hog Jolly Dog
– Finger rolls
– Cider of choice (we love Hunts cider)
– Red cabbage
– 1-2 cooking apples
– Brown sugar
– Pinch of salt


– Make pickled red cabbage by cutting th red cabbage into thin slices.
– Add them to a bowl or jar with red wine vinegar. Add enough to cover the cabbage completely.
– Add a teaspoon or so of sugar and salt and then leave to quick pickle whilst you cook your sausages.
– Put a frying pan on your BBQ and add a generous portion of the cider. Leave to reduce.
– Whilst your cider is reducing, peel and core your cooking apples and chop into bite sized pieces.
– Add the apple into the frying pan with the cider, and then add the brown sugar. Keep stirring and watching it as it bubbles away. It should reduce down into a chunky apple sauce chutney, perfect for your hot dog (after all, what goes better than pork and apple!?)
– Load up your finger rolls with our Jolly Hog Jolly Dog sausages, and the pickled cabbage. Complete the ultimate hot dog by adding a generous helping of the homemade apple cider sauce!

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