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Christmas tear and share bread recipe

This homemade garlic bread recipe with bacon is the ULTIMATE sharer. It’s the perfect Christmas tear and share bread recipe, combining our crispy smoked bacon with creamy brie and sweet cranberry sauce. This Christmas tear and share recipe is so easy that it’s the perfect Christmas party food for entertaining big crowds! This giant garlic cheesy tear n share bread with bacon is perfect for Summer garden parties, big family dinners, the ultimate side dish recipe or picnic food. The garlic tear and share recipe is made delicious from the gooey mozzarella cheese, crispy smoked British bacon and punchy garlic. Try the cheesy garlic bread with your next BBQ or pasta dinner! Try this brie stuffed bread with chilli jam or cranberry sauce or even hot honey, and make sure to give the homemade garlic butter recipe a go. For even more indulgence, you could even add some of our crumbled sausage meat to this hedgehog bread recipe.


1 pack of The Jolly Hog Double Smoked Streaky British Bacon 

1 x Loaf of sourdough bread 
1 x Block of unsalted butter 
4 x Bulbs of garlic 
1 x Pack of parsley – finely chopped 
1 x Pack of grated mozzarella 

Salt & Pepper

Cranberry sauce (optional, could use hot honey or chilli jam instead)



– For this Christmas tear and share bread recipe, begin by roasting the bulbs of garlic in the oven for half an hour & squeeze out the garlic with the flat side of the knife. 
– Add your block of butter, chopped parsley & roasted garlic puree into a bowl and mix until well combined (even easier if you can use a food processor). Season to taste.
– Add a pack of streaky bacon to the oven and cook until crisp. 
– Grab the sourdough and slice diagonally creating a criss cross pattern – (stop slicing just before the bottom of the bread) 
– Slice the homemade garlic butter and the crispy bacon into the slits you’ve created in the bread.
– Stuff the rest of the bread with the mozzarella as well as some chunks of brie.
– Bake in the oven for 8-10 mins.
– Top with dollops of cranberry sauce before serving this Christmas tear and share recipe.

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