Christmas Sausage Burger Recipe

Tuck into these Christmas sausage burgers to get you in the festive mood. We won’t judge you if you start celebrating Christmas early – Josh always does! These sausage burgers are good all year round, but we’ve added chilli jam, red cabbage and a fig chutney to give them that festive edge. You can even make this a Christmas leftovers recipe and swap the sausage burger for your leftover stuffing. Whether you’re looking for a recipe for leftover stuffing, or wanting to try make the perfect Friday evening treat, this Christmas sausage burger recipe will hit the spot.


– 1 pack of The Jolly Hog sausages (we love using Caramelised Porkers for this recipe because they add a delicious sweetness)
– 1 pack of The Jolly Hog British Smoked Streaky Bacon
Tracklements Chilli jam (optional)
Tracklements Fig chutney (optional)
– Brie (cheddar or Emmental also works great)
– Red cabbage
– Vinegar (red wine or cider vinegar is best)
– Brown sugar


– Start by quick pickling your red cabbage. Chop the cabbage up and add it to a small bowl. Cover the cabbage with vinegar and add a pinch of salt and brown sugar. Leave to pickle.
– If you’re using this as a leftover stuffing recipe, hold off on this step. Start by squeezing the sausage meat out of our sausages into a bowl.
– Mould the sausage meat into burger patties to make your sausage burgers.
– Take a pack of our Smoked Streaky Bacon and place it under the grill. Cook until crispy.
– Whilst your bacon is cooking, fry your sausage burger patties in a frying pan on a medium high heat. Flip halfway through cooking, after the first side of your burger has browned and caramelised.
– Add your cheese of choice as a slice covering the caramelised side of your burger straight after you flip it. Add a lid to your pan to allow your cheese to melt over your burger. Remove the burger from cooking when it’s cooked through and caramelised on both sides.
– Spread a lick of chilli jam and fig chutney on either side of your burger bun.
– Load up the burger with your sausage burger patties, cheese, streaky bacon and finally your quick pickled cabbage.

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