Jolly Christmas Fatty

This recipe is a real show stopper, perfect for sending family home with extra, or re-heating leftovers in a sarnie the next day ? This Christmas Fatty is also a winning Sunday Roast alternative. This juicy giant bacon wrapped sausage roll combines two of our favourite porky products. Add mozzarella and cranberry sauce for the ultimate indulgent Christmas recipe.



1. Take 2 packs of our sausages & skin them, removing the sausage meat.

2. Mix together all the sausage meat in a bowl.

3. Lay out cling film onto a kitchen surface & transfer your sausage meat on top, shaping into a rectangle.

4. Add your fillings of choice. There’s a couple of different combos you can try. Try seasonal ingredients like apple sauce (great with our Porky Blacks) or use mozzarella & cranberry jam or chilli jam.

5. Add all your seasonings to the middle of the sausage meat, forming a smaller rectangle on top, leaving a bit of space at every edge.

6. Use the cling film to wrap your sausage meat over the toppings, creating a sausage shaped cylinder with the meat. Put this to the side.

7. Lay fresh cling film down & lay our streaky bacon rashers lengthways, strip next to strip, so they slightly overlap.

8. Remove your sausage cylinder from the cling film by placing it directly in the middle of the streaky bacon, so the rashers come up above and below it.

9. Using the cling film, wrap the bacon rashers around the sausage cylinder until fully covered and then remove the cling film.

10. Pop this in the oven for 25-30 mins and continue to check on it regularly throughout.

11. Check that the meat is cooked fully through, with no pink remaining and then remove from the oven. You can always chuck it under the grill for a few mins for extra crispiness.

12. You can glaze the Christmas Fatty with cranberry jam or honey and mustard dressing for extra flavour. Do this mid-way through cooking so the glaze doesn’t burn.

13. Leave to rest for a few minutes then slice lengthways for big chunks of porky heaven!

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