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Little Porker Sausage, Hasselback Potatoes, Pesto & Nduja Traybake

There’s something about the taste of pesto that makes us think of Summer immediately! Pairing pesto with our peppery Little Porkers makes for such a fresh & flavoursome Summer dinner, and we love adding nduja sausage for an extra kick. This delicious traybake is perfect for chucking in any ingredients you left have the fridge – we’ve snuck in some courgettes & red onions but you can have a play around with whatever veg you have that the whole family enjoys.⁠ The great thing about our Little Porker sausages is that they cook so fast, making them perfect for those busy week night meals. You can even switch out our Jolly Hog chipolata Little Porkers for our Jolly Hen chicken chipolatas, with their rosemary and thyme going great with the pesto and fiery nduja.


– 1 pack of our Little Porker chipolatas.⁠
– 8-10 new potatoes.⁠
– Some generous tablespoons of pesto (at least 3).⁠
– Extra virgin olive oil.⁠
– 2 x Red onion.⁠
– 1x Courgette.⁠
– Nduja (we recommend using a small amount so it’s not too spicy!) ⁠


– Preheat the oven to 200 fan.⁠

– Start by chopping your potatoes into hasselback potatoes. Put a spoon underneath the potato & cut down, making sure not to cut through it. (P.s. hasselbacking your potatoes make them go extra crispy!)⁠

– Spread out your potatoes on an oven tray, coat with olive oil & a few pinches of salt. Cook for 25-30 mins.⁠

– Chop courgettes into rounds & red onions into chunks.⁠

– In a bowl, mix 3 tbsps or so of pesto with olive oil, stirring to create a sauce to drizzle.⁠

– After your timer has gone for the potatoes, layer on your courgettes, red onions & then a pack of our Little Porker sausages.⁠

– Drizzle the traybake with 3/4 of your pesto sauce.⁠

– Cook for another 20 mins. After roughly 10 mins, turn the sausages & add in a handful of nduja – we simply teared up a tbsp or so & sprinkled the traybake with it.⁠

– Once your sausages have browned, remove from the onion & drizzle your finished traybake with the rest of your pesto sauce. ⁠

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