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Chicken Sausage & Chorizo Carbonara Pasta

Creamy, sticky, spicy, cheesy, peppery & meaty, this chicken sausage and chorizo carbonara pasta recipe is the perfect comfort meal. Ready in less than half an hour, the pasta is also ridiculously easy and quick to make. The chicken sausages add a lovely crispy and juiciness to the pasta, but you can always switch them out for our Little Porker chipolatas if you prefer.


• 1 pack of Jolly Hen chicken sausages
• Handful of chorizo
• 2 Clarence Court eggs
• Pasta of your choice (we used gluten free!)
• Butter
• Parmesan
• Pepper
• Mushrooms


• Begin by cracking two eggs into a bowl and beating. Mix in a decent lump of grated parmesan, adding as much as you fancy.
• Remove the skins from our chicken sausages by running a knife down the length of them and removing the meat.
• Shape the chicken sausage meat into mini meatballs and fry with butter on medium high heat or until they are browned on the outside & cooked all the way through.
• Put your pasta to boil.
• Chop chorizo into small chunks & chuck into the pan for a few minutes. Remove chorizo and the sausage meat and put to the side for now.
• Drain your pasta, keeping a cup of pasta water when you do so.
• Add chopped mushrooms into the same frying pan with butter and fry until cooked.
• Chuck back in your chicken sausages, chorizo and pasta.
• Add the pasta water & the beaten egg & parmesan mix and remove from the heat instantly. Stir through the sauce to make your tasty carbonara sauce.

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