Chicken Sausage Burger with roasted peppers

We’ve recently added this burger to our menu at our Bristol restaurant and it’s already become a team favourite. Made with our Jolly Hen Chicken sausages, this chicken burger is extra juicy thanks to the chicken thigh we use in our chicken chipolatas. With hints of rosemary & thyme in the chicken sausages, plus roasted piquillo peppers & a black pepper mayo, this burger really packs a real punch of flavour. All the tastes of Summer in a burger!


– 1 pack of Jolly Hen Chicken Sausages⁠
– Piquillo peppers (or normal peppers)⁠
– Cheddar⁠
– Rocket⁠
– Mayo⁠
– Pepper⁠


– Chop and roast your piquillo peppers (or normal peppers) with some olive oil and salt and pepper.⁠ You can grill them to make the recipe even quicker. Grill or roast until the edges are slightly charred.⁠

– Remove the skins from our Chicken Sausages by running a knife down the length of them.⁠

– Time to get down and dirty.⁠ Combine all of the chicken sausage meat in a bowl and then shape into two patties with your hands.⁠

– Heat oil in a frying pan & add your chicken sausage burgers. ⁠

– In the meantime, make your black pepper mayo, it’s super simple, just mix black pepper into some mayo, add more the more fiery you want your mayo to be.⁠

– Once your chicken burgers are done on the first side, flip them & add a generous slice of cheddar. Add a lid for the last 30 seconds or so of cooking, or until the cheese melts and goes gooey. Top off with rocket. BANGING.⁠

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